The connected farm: data sharing now made easy in Ida 

The cooperation between farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists is key to run a profitable and efficient farm. Farmers who use Ida can now easily share an insight with their advisors in real-time. 

We have seen a rapid digital transformation in just a few months time, spurred by the outbreak of Covid-19. The outbreak of the virus has increased the challenges for the food supply chain. At the same time, we are experiencing an increase in the rate of digital adoption among veterinarians and other professionals working in agriculture.

This has in turn spurred the need of sharing data and insights generated from the farm with the veterinarian, feed advisor, consultant or other advisors, in a digital and easy way. Only then, health, feed and operational issues can be solved digitally without comprising on quality of the advise. 

This is why Ida is now equipped with its first set of collaboration features. The veterinarian, feed advisors or even a colleague can now give advise or recommendations about a certain health or feed issue from a distance. The farmer can simply share the insight they want in Ida via WhatsApp and Email or simply copy the link to share in the communication tool of their choice.


With this first set of sharing functionalities, Connecterra is working towards a more efficient and connected farm and total food chain. The share feature is now available for all Ida farmers.

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