Cows with Ida technology use less antibiotics


Connecterra did an insightful trial over the last year that showed hugely successful results in the reduction of treatment days. The study was done on two European farms for the whole duration of 2018.

The field trial was done within the context of the Horizon2020 Internet for Food and Farm project. The goal was to demonstrate that the approach of using artificial intelligence and cloud computing to support dairy farm management really works. Data scientists from Connecterra tracked key performance indicators for two commercial dairy farms.

To track animal health, the number of days that the cows were treated with antibiotics was further looked at. The groups for which the farmers got cow health insights via Ida recover two to four times faster than those not fitted with Ida. Since the farmer got early health warning for Ida cows, these cows were diagnosed sooner, and treatment started earlier therefore far fewer antibiotics were used as a result of this.

These findings will be presented by Connecterra at the European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming in August, 2019


IoF2020 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nr 731884.