Optimize breeding of youngstock with Ida 

An optimum first insemination age of youngstock is somewhere between 14 and 15 months, also depending on the weight of the animal. A successful first insemination is important to get the first age of calving (FCA) between 22-25 months of age. 

Besides the animal’s weight and health condition, the age of the animal is an important parameter to determine if youngstock is ready to be inseminated for the first time. This will all influence insemination success and the FCA. Therefore, Ida now shows the age (in days) of youngstock in the insemination insight, pulled from the data from the Farm Management System.

The cost of raising dairy calves and replacement heifers is very significant on most dairy farms. Using Ida in youngstock will help farmers to optimize youngstock management to reduce calf rearing costs and increase farm efficiency.

Hookwood Dairy already successfully uses Ida on his youngstock and managed to reduce the FCA to 22-23 months. You can read his story here.

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