Improved non-cyclic cow insights in Ida

healthy cows

Noncyclic cows have a significant impact on the reproductive performance of a herd, leading to reduced farm profitability. Ida gives farmers a clear overview of these ‘problem’ cows. This saves labor time and the dependency on presynch and fertility treatments. 

The return to normal cyclic ovarian activity after calving usually occurs, on average, by 30 to 35 days after calving. This is the theory. In practice, some cows do not show heat after calving, stopped their cycle completely or have irregular cycles. 

This results in: reduced submission and conception rates and fewer days in milk the following year than their cycling herd mates. 

Identify the non-cyclers 

What can you do with these cows? The earlier you identify your non-cyclers or cows having an irregular cycle, the more choices you’ll have at your disposal. If you leave it too close to mating, you’ll have no other option but treatment. As the dairy industry wants to find alternatives for regular treatment, farmers need tools to identify the non-cyclers or cows that have irregular cycles and to make sure when cows are treated, this is done in an efficient way.   

Short cycle and fertility issues  

With the updated non-cyclic feature In Ida, farmers can identify cows with an irregular heat cycle, as well as the ones that have stopped cycling. The non-cyclic list in Ida used to show cows that do not go into heat after calving. Now there is more! We also show an insight when the cow has shown heat, but it appears to be only a short cycle (less than 18 days). We also detect cows that don’t show heat within 25 days after the last heat. The latter could be due to fertility issues such as cysts.  

Customization for every farm type  

We have also added an option to customize the settings of when a farmer wants to receive non-cyclic insights. A farmer can adjust the number of days after calving after he / she wants to receive insights on cows that are not showing a regular cycle yet. You can do this for both heifers and cows, as we know heifers might need a bit more time to recover to a normal cycle after calving.  The number of days after treatment a farmer expects a cow to have shown a heat cycle again. If she hasn’t shown heat after the set treatment days, Ida will send the farmer another alert. 

By optimizing the non-cyclic feature in Ida, we contribute in reducing the dependency on standard hormone treatment and pre-synchronization protocols and help farmers improve farm ROI. Want to learn more or want an on-farm demo? Please get in touch.