New – Ida helps you track your (potentially) sick cows

Did you know that Ida can find sick cows 2 days earlier, as shown in this study?

Therefore, Ida often identifies a cow as being sick before any visible symptoms appear.

If you cannot yet confirm that there is an issue and decide to provide as feedback to a health insight that the cow “maybe” has a health problem – you can continue tracking her in the ”to do” list under the second section, for seven days after Ida provided the insight.

Once you know a cow has a health problem and you have confirmed the health insights by providing “yes” as feedback to Ida, you can easily keep track of her through the new “Confirmed health problems” section in the ”resolved” list.

Also, to help you keep track of your animals for a longer time we have extended the time frame in which insights are visible on the ‘resolved’ list to 90 days after it was generated. With a 90-day look back you can easily follow-up, but also quickly go through the cows on the list and look at their history to track for re-occurrence of health problems.

We hope this change helps you improve your health workflow and the health of your herd!

track potentially sick cows