Notification of non-cyclic cows

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Not all cows go back in heat after calving when we expect them to. This is why we have launched a new feature of Ida: the non-cyclic alert.

Next to animal health, reproductive performance is one of the most important factors affecting dairy farm profitability. This is why dairy cows should calve one time every year to maximise economic efficiency.

When a heifer or cow has an estrus cycle that’s normal in length and she displays normal estrus behaviours during heat, she’s said to be cyclic. This means that the first heat after calving should come at about 36 days or earlier. It can also take a bit longer than that, due to several reasons. To have these cows in focus, Ida now shows the non-cyclic alert in the app.

The alert is created when a cow is not showing signs of heat as of 40 days post calving. With this new feature, Ida gives you a heads up to make sure these cows are back on track as soon as possible, hence reducing the impact on calving pattern and calving interval.

This is another example of how Ida makes farming more efficient. Not an Ida user yet? Have a look at what it entails.