Easy select the cows that you don’t want to breed

The inseminating list in Ida has now even got better and cleaner. This will optimize the insemination and breeding protocol of farmers. 

Selective breeding using artificial insemination has helped dairy farmers increase milk production and farm efficiency. No wonder, the insemination list in Ida is an important tool for dairy farmers to optimize their breeding programs and to make sure the pregnancy rates remain high.  

‘Do not breed’ cows

The insemination list in Ida shows all the cows of the farm that have shown heat in the last 24 hours. The farmer confirmif the cow has been inseminated or not. But not all cows are candidates for further breeding. This can be due to a range of different reasons, depending on the farm strategy and condition of the cow. These are the cows that you don’t want to show on the insemination list. You want to mark them as ‘do not breed’ so to speak.

FMS integration

Many farm management software programs already have a ‘do not breed’ list of cows. In Ida, this information can now be automatically synchronized into Ida. That means the insemination list only includes the cows to breed. For farms that don’t have the FMS integration into Idacows can now be easily marked directly in the Ida app as ‘do not breed’. 

All the cows that are marked with ‘do not breed’, both coming from your FMS integration as well as manually ticked in Ida when there is no FMS integration in place, are not showing up in the Ida insemination list anymore. Farmers can still keep track of the cow’s heat cycles and they can always check which cows are on ‘do not breed’ by filtering on the cow list. 

Increasing farm efficiency and ROI

Ida wants to make farming more sustainable and efficient by using Artificial Intelligence to: 

  • Improve sustainability of farming 
  • Reduce labor time 
  • Improve animal health and welfare 
  • Reduce dependency on hormones and antibiotics 
  • Connect the farm and the dairy food chain 

By adding the ‘do not breed’ feature in Ida, we contribute to increasing farm efficiency and ROI and to help farmers make better, strategic farm decisions. Want to learn more or want an on-farm demo? Please get in touch.