IoF 2020 Happy Cow Project

We are living in a time where population and consumption are far outweighing our earth’s resources and agricultural structures. While many choose not to see this as paramount to our survival, it is safe to say that right now, some of our most critical goals as a human race should be feeding everyone while maintaining the earth’s ecosystems. How can we achieve this? The Happy Cow project could revolutionise the dairy sector, creating a more sustainable system for the future.

IOF 2020

The Internet of Food and Farm has an ambitious goal – This program aims to make precision farming a full-scale reality and use this as a springboard for a more sustainable food value chain – all by the year 2020. With the use of IoT technologies, the IOF plans to bring higher yields and quality produce within reach to our ever-growing population.

The IOF plans on implementing these groundbreaking ideas by doing nineteen use-case studies centred around five agricultural sectors – Dairy, arable, fruits, vegetables and meat. The IoT technologies will be developed, tested and demonstrated in operational farm environments all over Europe.

The Happy Cow Project

Connecterra is working hand in hand with IOF 2020. And we plan to achieve these goals within the dairy sector through “The Happy Cow Project”.

By working with farmers in case studies all over the world, we are using our AI, Ida the Farmers Assistant, to effectively improve dairy farming through cow activity, behaviour sensing and cloud machine learning technologies as well as detect health issues in an early stage.

Ida is a radical piece of AI and we have already seen impressing results in herd efficiency, calving time, health and a better understanding of cow behaviour.

Don’t underestimate Dairy

The use of IoT technologies in dairy farming lags behind opposed to other sectors but has the ability to completely revolutionize global food sustainability and create a new line of communication between nature and human beings.

Let’s work in unison towards a more harmonious relationship with our Planet.

Follow this link to read more about IOF 2020 and The Happy Cow project.