Feeling the Heat: Beat the Fertility Dip


With this past summer enveloping Europe with highs of over 47°C in some regions, it comes as no surprise that heat detection has come to the fore as a major health concern for dairy farmers. Ida has developed a progressive feature that will assist in beating the often-deadly effects of heat stress – Welcome Cow-Ranking to the Agritech world.

Heat Stress

Heat detection is an age-old fertility issue for dairy farmers, primarily due to the fact that it has a huge impact on production potential. Elevated temperature and humidity negatively affect feed intake which results in poor rumination, milk yield and fertility.

Another risk that farmers run in sweltering situations is herd fatality, low efficiency and ultimately reduced profit.

Cow Ranking

The beauty in AI is that it is always learning and evolving. Ida is no different and that is exactly why we have decided to fully implement our new “cow ranking” feature. This technology will not only help with early detection for heat stress but can also identify your herd’s top performers.

Ida takes into consideration each individual cow’s eating and rumination behaviour as well as milk yield. You will then be able to determine which cows are the most productive and why.

The cow ranking feature is the answer to herd efficiency and farm productivity.

In short, digitalising your dairy farm with Ida will significantly attribute successful decision making in the following areas:

  • Herd efficiency
  • Fertility
  • Breeding
  • Milk yield
  • Heat detection

Digitalizing Dairy

With an ever-shifting landscape, food sustainability is no longer just a concern, it has now become a question of survival for future generations. By choosing to implement AI on your dairy farm, IoT technologies can work towards bettering agriculture going forward.

Ida not only improves your productivity and profit but will also put you at the helm of the most incredible agtech advancement on the market right now.

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