Ida for Resellers

What is Ida and how does it Work?

Ida is the Dairy Farmer’s Assistant;

Ida learns the behaviour of cows and their farmers, distills that data and provides tailored, easy to interpret, insights directly to the farmer’s smart device, assisting in the management of a more efficient farm!

How do You become an Ida Reseller?

The process is simple:

  • Step 1: Fill in the Reseller Application Form.
  • Step 2: We assess your application based on specific criteria.
  • Step 3: Based on the above assessment, we will reach out to you with a response.

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Why sell Ida?

  • Stand at the forefront of the most innovative Agritech advancement on the market right now.
  • Experience improved Farmer relations and client satisfaction.
  • Establish your business in a largely, untapped market
  • Consistent support from a dedicated Connecterra Account Manager.
  • Advice, training and materials from Connecterra’s Marketing and Sales team, to establish your foothold in your local market.
  • Benefit from Connecterra local lead generation and campaigning.
  • Leads generated by Connecterra for your region will be redirected to your business unit.

How much does Ida cost?

Get Ida on your farm today from as little as €2.50 per cow per month.

No matter the size of your farm, number of cows, or whether your cows are in a barn or free-grazing, there is a price and a plan to suit your needs.

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Where is Ida currently being sold?

Find out which countries Ida is currently being sold in, what our expansion plans are as well as existing reseller information.

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With the industry trending towards digital and AI adoption to better optimize farm efficiencies, Ida is in high demand across the globe.

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