Ida learns how you operate your farm

How does Ida processes data to enhance the dairy farm?

Machine Learning

Determine the meaning of data: health problems, efficiency issues, heat detections.

Multiple Data Sources

Ida uses multiple data sources including sensors and farm management systems to learn and predict.

Farmer Interaction

Provide feedback to Ida and it will learn how you operate and run your farm.

Ida Supports the Following Data Sources


Ida Sensor

Farm Management Systems

Third Party Data Sources

Hardware to support farms of all sizes

Ida functions on farms of various herd and land sizes.

The sensor

Ida’s sturdy sensors fit onto a collar around the cow’s neck. All data collected is analysed and provides insight and actions to the farmer through easy to understand data visualisations on their smartphone/tablet.

  • Neck Mounted sensor, no requirements for orientation or counterbalance weight,
  • Simple to install and non-invasive,
  • Battery life of ~3-5 years, replaced free of charge as long as use subscription is active,
  • Measures 7 distinct behaviors (more than any existing competing solution): Eating, Ruminating, Walking, Standing, Laying, Chewing count and Idle. New behaviors are constantly being added as our sensor is a learning-based system,
  • Support for pasture-based systems,
  • Works on any internet connection or 3G/4G router systems,
  • Range of 1KM+,
  • Waterproof, shock proof and tested extensively on existing farms,
  • All-inclusive sensor warranty.

The base station

Ida trackers transmit data to the base station, the base station sends the data to the cloud.

  • Hub based model allows Ida to be used in all types of dairy systems:
  • free-grazing, free stall, etc.
  • Designed to be used in industrial environments.
  • Processes up to thousands of concurrent sensors.
  • Remote field access points integrate with the base station to enable coverage of large areas.
  • Requires wired internet access.

Field Access Points

No farm is too big or too small for Ida. By making use of remotely managed field access points, Ida is sure to capture all of your cow’s data.

  • Remote radio stations that help cover large farms and grazing environments.
  • Built for ‘plug and play’ operation.
  • Solar powered versions are also available for coverage of large areas.
  • Remotely managed.