Haven’t you always wanted a farm assistant that could learn from you and do it all?

An Assistant that comes pre-trained from the best and then learns about your operation? One that is so intelligent that it can detect major issues before they are visibly apparent? One that can improve your fertility metrics? A multi-lingual Assistant that helps optimize and streamline farm operations? With Ida, the Intelligent Dairy Farmer’s Assistant, we give you back your time and create a sense of peace that Ida has got you covered round the clock.

Meet Ida, your farm assistant.

How does Ida work?

Ida, the Dairy Farmer’s Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence.

Ida learns the behavior of your cows, and your daily operations, then distills that data and provides tailored, easy to interpret recommendations and actions to your smart device, assisting you in the management of a more efficient farm!

Ida will assist you in areas of fertility, health, calving, feeding, heat-stress and identifying your herd’s top performers.


Ida is able to identify several key fertility related insights to improve overall strength of the herd. From heat detection and insemination recommendations to calving alerts.


Ida detects a variety of health issues such as mastitis or lameness, which can be detected 24-48 hours before becoming apparent to a human. Health issues can also be narrowed down by using Ida’s diagnosis tool (see next feature).

Diagnosis tool

Through a short set of guided questions successfully narrow down and diagnose ill cows with the assistance of Ida’s Diagnosis tools.

Ask Ida

Formulate questions for measuring the impact of changes made to farm.

Cow Ranking and Efficiency

Farmers can now identify top and bottom performers in the herd based on selected criteria. Make informed decisions about the best cows to breed, retire, inseminate, and plant with embryos.

Herd Insights

Ida also recognizes herd level behaviour changes due to key factor changes, pushing valuable insights directly to the farmer, such as heat stress and its impact during hot summer months.


Farmers can perform their own internal benchmarking and analysis of the entire herd, as well as individual cows.

Actionable insights and intelligent advice

The All-in-One Assistant!

The feed efficiency has increased with 5% the past month

Cow 5 is still not eating well, please do a check-up

Cow 6 is expected to calve in 2 days, do a check-up and put her in the calving pen

3 cows are showing unhealthy behaviour, check them soon

Cow 21 is recovered and happy again

You could try to install ventilators to prevent heat stress in summer

Cow 2 stopped eating! Go check her now

You’re doing great! Your cows are very happy!

Gather information
What is the VWP on your farm? Using this information, I can add cows to the insemination list

Additional Ida Benefits

No data to interpret, only actionable insights!

Monthly “pay-as-you-go” subscription, which can be turned on/ off at any time

See immediate farm and dairy production improvements

Warranty and support included

All future feature updates included

Save up to 20% monthly on reduced labour costs

Improve farm production by up to 30%

Integrates with most Farm Management Systems

Works on Android/iPhone and PC applications

How much does Ida cost?

Get Ida on your farm today from as little as €2.50 per cow per month.

No matter the size of your farm, number of cows, or whether your cows are in a barn or free-grazing, there is a price and a plan to suit your needs.

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Farmer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, see what Ida farmers have to say:

From improved farm efficiencies and improved production to reduced calving intervals, timely health resolution and proven ROI!

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