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Ida supports and empowers farmers to run the most productive and efficient farm possible.

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Ida enables enterprises to capture, manage and predict key operational insights across farm portfolios.

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About Ida

Ida is the Intelligent Dairy farmer’s Assistant based on Artificial Intelligence. Ida can detect all cow behaviours pertaining to health, fertility, feeding, heat-stress and more. Ida is a multi-lingual Assistant that helps optimise and streamline farm efficiencies. With Ida, farmers can achieve all their farm objectives, increase farm production and experience an immediate ROI!

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Success Story

Cows with Ida use 50% less antibiotics!

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Ida Technology

Farmer’s don’t need more data, farmer’s need deeper insight into their farm activity. That is why Ida was created, to bridge the technology gap for farmers who seek advice on how to increase productivity, improve efficiencies, reduce health incidents, and better care for a more fertile and happier herd. Through a combination of our advanced sensor hardware technology and state of the art deep-learning algorithms, Ida is the next step in the advancement of farming for the future.

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Prices and plans

Pricing starts from as little as €2.50 per cow per month.

No matter the size of your farm, number of cows, or whether your cows are in a barn or free-grazing, there is a price and a plan to suit your needs.

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Success Stories

Success Story – Bles Dairies
A New Chapter Bles Dairies is a family run farm with 200…

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About Ida

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